The Nike Air Max 270 “Have a Nike Day” is a special edition of the casual Air Max sneaker released as part of the “Have a Nike Day” pack in early 2019. The special collection included multiple Air Max models with the vintage Nike slogan “Have a Nike Day” and a smiley face with a Swoosh for its mouth. Each model also features a similar color palette of black with pastel pink, teal, and purple shades. That's all exactly what you get with this Air Max 270, which is built with a black mesh upper with the three pastel shades featured throughout. The smiley face graphic appears on the metal accoutrement added to each shoe lace. The Nike Air Max 270 “Have a Nike Day” released in March 2019.


Manufacturer Sku CI2309 001
Release Date 2019
Nickname Have A Nike Day
Gender Mens

Nike Air Max 270 “Have a Nike Day” - Size 10